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       Braille Translator Online is intended for sighted people. In particular, teachers, parents and relatives of blind people who want to learn

Braille Alphabet

and different types of writing. The converter is fully suited for easy typing of Braille texts literary, mathematical equations, physical or chemical records, music notation.
       The braille characters (including numbers, capital letters), correspond in writing with the characters entered from the keyboard for the convenience of people who see.  Because the Braille character can have different meanings, in some cases it may be necessary to implement the content of character by character as in conventional Braille editors.  For example you will need to press a key character the number hash key and the letter key 8 instead of just the key key h to receive Braille characters  braille character uppercase braille character h  denoting number eight.
      Sample text entered in the converter as standard:  (15+45)/2-3%=RESULT  is clearer than the entered character by character:  ł#ae +#de@ /#b -#c#j"~" =^r^e^s^u^l^t . In addition it introduces a faster and easier and Braille both look similarly:

discussed example shown with characters braille

Mobile Version

designed for mobile devices, has the same editing capabilities of Braille characters. Just a mobile phone or any other device with Internet access. The type of installed operating system does not matter.

Mirror Braille

makes it easy to prepare a template for manual embossing convex characters on paper writing Braille, a plastic sheet or aluminum plate.
          In addition, the site can thoroughly read the Braille       

Chemical Notation

Mathematical Notation

Musical Notation

Physical Notation

       When moving words, follow the rules of the language. The mathematical expression which does not fit in the line transferred at the site of the mathematical character, which puts you at the end and repeat at the beginning of the next line.
       The resulting text in Braille for sighted learning can be saved to a pdf file. or printed on an ordinary inkjet printer or laser. The entries in mathematical and chemical notation designed for the blind, can also be printed with graphical embosser or on paper swell touch.
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